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So you might have noticed things have been a bit off and on with my blog over the last few months and it is time to fess up.

Yes I have been studying (about 40 hours a week) and working (30 hours a week) plus trying to have some sort of a life and making plans for our move to NZ in early 2017.

On top of this as I mentioned last year Hubby and I have been trying for a baby.  After more than 6 years of trying we went down the IVF path and now we are expecting our first baby in Early October.

The first 3 months have gone relatively smoothly and now as I head into the second trimester the all day nausea has stopped and just a bit of tiredness remains.  Obviously it is still early days and we hope everything will go smoothly.

We are now making plans for the new life that will join us in what I am sure will feel like no time at all.  We are already having some serious conversations about how we want to parent and so far the verdict from the family is that they think we will be quite strict.
We are also thinking about the way we live and how that will impact on our parenting style.

I know there are plenty of parents among my followers so I am sure I will have a solid sounding board and positive suggestions which I look forward to.  I know we will find our own way but there is not harm in getting a variety of ideas from those who have been there before.

Stay tuned for more news.