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So you might have noticed that the content on my blog has been a bit light on of late. 
If you haven’t noticed it that’s good, but I have certainly felt it.  

I have so many draft posts, about things I am passionate about, just sitting there waiting to be completed and many more running around in my head.  But life is just like that sometimes and the reality is that behind the scenes there has been an awful lot happening here.

The house is still on the market and not under contract and as we head into winter I suspect that the inspections will be few and far between and we could be here for some time yet.
While it is great that we are under no pressure to sell we would just like to have it sold so we can move on with the next stage (albeit a transition stage) of our lives.  So here’s hoping for another interest rate cut and more buyers wanting to live in the country.

Planning for our life in New Zealand is well underway and we are getting close to finalising our house plans.  This has been a long process and we have refined and scaled back from where we started but I think that we are almost there.  Now comes the scary part, getting a costing.
We have also been designing a shed for our property that will be built before the house and will give us somewhere to live, store our furniture from here and to store tools, building materials and second hand materials.  We hope to get the shed built before we move and it might even happen this year but we will see.

Because we do not know what the future holds and I want to keep moving my life in a forward direction I have made another big decision.  I am going to go to University.
I start studying in July working towards a degree in Psychology via distance, through Massey University in Palmerston North New Zealand, which is 20 minutes from our property there. 
I will still be working so I am only taking 2 classes in my first semester plus one over the summer school period.
I know that studying will take me in a new direction and I am really looking forward to the challenge although at the same time I am a bit nervous as well.
I have wanted to change my job for quite a while now but since we are going to be moving there is no point and I just need to suck it up and plough on through, plus I need to pay for my study as I want to limit the amount of debt I take on.

And finally Hubby and I are also at the point where we need to make another big decision that will have lasting impacts either way.
For the last 6 years we have been trying for a baby and to date we have had no success.  

We are now faced with the prospect of going down the IVF path and to be honest we are not sure that we are prepared to invest the additional time and the money, not to mention the emotional investment.  
I am 36 and Hubby is 39 and to be completely honest if we are not pregnant soon I think we will just get on with life.  
There is a big part of me that thinks we should just live the life God dealt us but other parts of me worries that if we do not give it a go we might regret it.

We are also conscious of the fact fact that our planet is already over populated and there are many kids out there who need a home, so perhaps if we do not have one of our own we will investigate other options.

So as you can see there has been lots happening behind the scenes.

If you have any thoughts about going down the IVF path vs dealing with what life has dealt us feel free to comment.  I am not overly sensitive about it so don’t be afraid to speak your mind.

I hope to get a few of those posts out of my drafts folder soon too.