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Welcome to Arbordale Farm

My name is Fiona and this website is a place for me to blog about our life and setting up a homestead from scratch here in beautiful New Zealand.  Hopefully we can inspire you to have a go at doing more for yourself and relying less on the system no matter where you live.  Alongside myself (the dreamer and planner) is my husband Randall (the muscle, support and grounding influence), our little boy Kingsley and our dog Jessie.

I grew up in New Zealand but spent 18 years living in Australia where I met Randall.  After having a go at homesteading in Australia we decided New Zealand was where we wanted to live so we set out to find some land that we could homestead on.  We found 5.5 

acres of land that we could afford and thought would meet our needs, it took another 5 years before we actually relocated, however in this time we studied our land and started planting trees.

We want to be as self reliant as possible, try to follow organic principles and farm holistically so we are setting up our homestead using permaculture design.  Our aim is to provide ourselves with most of our foods including fruit, vegetables, eggs, meat, honey and dairy products and we are slowly but surely reducing our environmental footprint.  I love to cook and will share my kitchen capers and love of food here too because when you have skills in the kitchen you have the means to provide your family with wholesome nutritious food at a fraction of the cost of buying it ready made.

In Australia we tried our hand at many endeavours including raising chickens and cattle for meat, hatching eggs, cheese and soap making, growing fruit and vegetables, fermenting and preserving food, providing for ourselves where we could and with both successes and failures along the way.  We are about to build a house on our land and will finally be living on site where we will once again undertake many of these endeavours.

I hope our experiences inspire you to have a go and that we can share the lessons we learn along the way.  Fell free to ask lots of questions. make comments and share your experiences.  We are all on this journey together, with different levels of experience and I believe that sharing our stories helps to build strong communities, because while this may be an online format and community, leaning flows over into everyday life where it has the ability to plant a seed and inspire others.

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